Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 18 - November 30 Ornies

These are more ornament ideas from the Ornament Exchange that I host every year. Such talented and clever ladies!

These were all made with Vintage Christmas Cards. Made by Tammy from Canada.

These were balls wrapped in sparkly tulle - the picture doesn't do them justice, they really are quite beautiful. Made by Della.
This is a piece of toilet paper roll, cut into 1/3's and painted, then glittered. I am going to add a bow to this one for my shabby chic tree.

This little guy is a ball that has been covered with snow and then his features and hat added. He is adorable!

This clever snowflake is made with popscicle sticks and decorated with buttons. Very fun! Made by Laurie.

This ornie is made with 10 painted puzzle pieces ( 9 green - 1 brown) So cute! Made by me! (Sent as a gift and I had to make some with my grandson!)

This remarkable star is made with scrapbook paper - folded in a special way. It is amazing! Made by Laura.

This darling mitten has beads and a snowflake attached. It is really elegant. Made by Jaden in Idaho.

This lolipop is made with strips of felt rolled up to look like a lollipop - some people are so clever! Made by Larissa in Idaho.

This lollipop is all crocheted. I don't know how people think of all these things! Very cute.

Thsi is a nativity, counted cross stitched on a tiny stocking - very intricate and amazing. Made by Kerry in Wisconsin.

This ball has a crochet collar. It is beautiful! Made by Gayle in Utah.

This clay pot is adorable - I can't wait to put him on our Santa Tree! I think I would like to make some of these with my grandson, I think he would love it!
This is a paper clip made into an angle - so amazing! She will be perfect on my angel tree! By Cindy in Georgia.

This is a putz house made out of an old Christmas Card. Amazing! Made by Rhonda.


bevq said...

I just love your blog and looking through those ornaments was such a treat - I am always looking for new ideas to make them. Thanks!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Bev Q

mary.schultz said...

The snowman with the red hat was actually made out of a burnt out light bulb. My son and I painted them white, then added wiggly eyes, an orange foam triangle for the carrot, and black t-shirt paint dots for the mouth. We hot-glued fleece over the stem of the bulb, tied a string at the top, then clipped the ends so they would hang down over the hat/stem. They were a lot of fun to make together!

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