Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Santa Tree

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When I started getting too many ornaments to put on one tree, I split the tree's up. The Santa Tree used to be anything that was Red, White and Green. Over the years as our collection has grown, it now has it's own tree. It is a favorite. It is in our Kitchen/Family/Dining ARea in one corner with the Vintage Tree in the other corner.

The topper is a stuffed animal, a bow and some funky picks. I love it!

All kinds of stuff fit here and there in this tree, there is a little candy house that has become tradition, words like Happy, Believe, etc. I also had a bunch of poinsetta's that had fallen off their stems and so they are stuck deep inside this tree. You can't see them, but their color add's a full look to the tree. If your tree's look sparse, stick something in the middle of them. Anything works, I have used net, sheers, sheets, pillowcases, stuffed animals, anything. You can make any tree look beautiful and the filler is a HUGE part of that.
Very few of the ornaments on this tree are the same. Many are homemade, things we have made over the years for Family Home Evening. Lots are gifts, some are from the ornament exchange I am a part of.

Tree Skirt
This has a standard skirt, but I added all the stuffed animals, tin cans and wooden painted pieces I did years ago to be a part of the skirt. I also hung all the little things around the outside of the tree that are wall hangings.


Jeri ~ said...

I love your blog!! I found it last year and added it to my favorites. I visited several times during the year and now will return soon to look at everything again. You have such great and unique ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Valarie said...

Ah, I love this!! I think we could be good friends, because I adore Christmas too. Have a wonderful weekend.

Natasha said...

How festive and happy! This is so wonderful.

Blessings and best wishes,

PS I added your button to my blog. I had to resize it a little so it would fit in.

Denise Marie said...

My mom is a santa lover and her tree is santa. She's ordering a gourd Santa ornament made in Peru from my son's school fundraiser. lol Love your tree, love your blog. Hope you'll come by my christmas blog too. I'm your newest follower.

Sandy at Teacup Lane said...

I just found your Christmas blog and have fallen in LOVE! Your trees are so beautiful...I love them all...but the Santa one is my most favorite! I can't wait to scroll through your blog in more detail. I'm loving Christmas and I can't believe it's only 50 days away.

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