Monday, November 24, 2008

Angel Tree In Our Room

Angel Tree in Our Room.
It is a tall skinny tree so it doesn't take up too much room.

Tree Topper
Close up Of Ornaments
Other Side Close Up
Little angel tucked in. These are angels I made for myslef and out daughters out of an old flour sack that was my Maternal Grandmother's

Santa Tree

This tree is in our dining/family room area. I have a bunch of Santa's, Santa tins, Santa dolls, etc. because I have my mom's stuff, gifts and finding some I love turned it into a huge collection. I put some on the shelf above the couch and put the rest on the tree, in the tree and under the tree. Before the display seemed almost like I was at a store and I didn't like that. When I added this tree and incorporated the signs etc into it, it made the Santa's fun again. Close up view of some of the ornaments.

Little Santa house tucked in the branches.
I like to tuck something vintage inside the branches, kind of like a little secret.
I was talking to a friend, Susan and she tucks fairies in all of her tree's too.

This is the symbolism of Santa and what he means.

This is the tree skirt from one side.
This Santa is one of our favorite Santa's. When I get him out the kids are so excited to see him again...they say this tree isn't finished until this Silly Sitty Santa is out and either in the tree or sitting close, he is a big part of our Christmas Celebration!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Peppermint Tree

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Peppermint tree at night. Window garland and all the foo foo added.

This is my peppermint tree. It is so cheery! . It was a little sparse at the bottom so I added some red and white trivets and hot pads inside the middle and it worked! I put a bunch of red and white ornies on this. There is a little pillow that was my aunts from a wreath she made that is tucked in. My old Barbie doll with a red dress, sits on the limbs. I had some red glass tear drop ornaments that I added at the end and it pulled it all together. I love it!
This is the tree topper. I had a couple of candy cane ornament gifts and
they were just perfect to add here.

One side close up.

Other side close up.
Bottom with stuffed animals and other red and white decor.

This shows the red felt advent calendar at the bottom of the bay window.
Perfect to go with the Peppermint Tree!

Advent Envelopes from

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Ancestor Tree

My Ancestor Tree is done! Actually I need a picture of our family, but we have had new babies and son in laws added so we are doing a current one at Thanksgiving and will add it then.
(Fall leaves still up - the rest of the room isn't decorated yet.)
This tree revolves so every side is packed with things. Our daughter was here the other night and sat in there for a long time and said, "Everytime the tree goes around I see something new!" It is beautiful, the picture really doesn't do it justice...not sure how to fix that.

This is the tree topper. On the other side of the doll is where our family pix will be hung.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dried Flower Petal Ornament

These were the roses that were on the floral spray on my mom's casket. I had them in an arrangment that was falling apart. I put them inside glass ornies for my ancestory tree and they are stuning!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mom Hankie Ornament

I just finished my first hankie ornament. It was a little tricky because I didn't know what I was doing. This hanky was my mom's. There is a small tag and picture on the back you can't see that identifies it. It is beautiful. I tied it with pastel teal lace, shaggy yarn and see through ribbon. Then added silver ribbon and pearl netting to it. WOO HOO. I am excited to do the rest of the hankies of my grandmothers and my husbands grandmothers. I have 12 in all.

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