Monday, August 31, 2009

Did Someone Say Christmas? Christmas 2009 ------> Tree Plan's

I am getting all excited when I think about Chirstmas coming up in, I think it is 114 days! WOO HOO. That means decorating starts really soon.

1 - I am adding 2 of course to my grandchildren's forrest.
2 - This year while deep cleaning I found all kinds of treasures that our children have made me over the years and decided to make a tree using them for ornaments, it will be my "Treasures of the Heart" tree. Hearts will be the main shape and base ornaments, I have lights from Valentines that will work great on it and then trim all the objects with hearts and put them on heart shapes. I already found a tree at a garage sale for this, so I am ready to rock and roll!
3 - I would like to add several international tree's for the places each of our children served their missions, but this year it will all be on one tree to make my international tree, still thinking about a name.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Did Someone Say Christmas? Christmas 2009 ------> I Need Wreaths!

It is time to start thinking about Christmas Decorations for this year. I have been evaluating my Christmas decor from last year and I have notes to myself that I need more wreaths. My plans are to add one to each door.

Last year I also had a bunch of Santa's that were tiny and I didn't know what to do with them so I decided to put them in a wreath and I love it! It hangs on our bathroom door. You can see the Santa tree from that spot and it ties it all together. I found a cute little sign that says "Santa's Wish List" that just finished it.

Here are a few of the pictures. My darling daugher made me these to use. Right now this one goes in the next to the Woodland Tree. It is a woodland wreath. It has birds on it and so does the Woodland Tree.

This is a poinsetta wreath that she also made. I put it in the entry room. The colors are perfect for in there.

My darling daughter is a custom designer and creates wonderful wreaths of all sizes and themes.

***Storage Tip - I hang the wreaths on hangers to store them. When I pull them out there are all fluffy and ready to hang up.

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