Friday, October 29, 2010

What I Have Done This Week for Christmas - Wrapping Paper

I know this is a silly thing to add here - but I think because we all deal with it, I am going to make a post about it.

I have wanted a Wrapping Paper Center for a while now..  I found an old 5 drawer dresser and turned it into my storage area for wrapping paper. It is so perfct!  This is what the drawers hold.
  1. Drawer 1 - This drawer has all the tissue paper in a plastic bedspread cover.  It is zipped shut so it doesn't get smashed or wrinkled.  The other side has all the cellophane wrap and bags.
  2. Drawer 2 - This drawer is 2/3 filler, shred, paper shred etc. Each kind is in a zip loc bag.  The other side has a small shoe box that has the tape, scissorsm stickers, etc/
  3. Drawer 3 - This drawer is filled with flat wrapping paper and rolls of wrapping paper - they fit int he drawers perfectly!  WOO HOO
  4. Drawer 4 - Ths drawer is filled with bags.  There is a small shoe box on one side that has all the small bags, the other side holds all the big bags.
  5. Drawer 5 - This drawer  holds all the ribbon. A shoe box holds all the loose bows. Another shoe box holds all the loose ribbon.  In the middle are all the big spools of ribbon.
I tried to take a picture - but they aren't too exciting - I think you can really imagine it in your head just as well.  Now when I get more paper, bags and bows I have a place to put it and I can even wrap on top of the dresser!
Nov 2, 2010 - Just found this great article on wrapping ---  
Look at these fun packages at


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