Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10 - Circle Ornaments

These ornaments are circles that have 3 sides folded in and glued together and I love them! I have found 3 versions of the same ornament. This first one looks like it is made out of scrapbook paper or could be made out of cards. Cute in a vase or on a tree. This version is from the Bo Bunny Site and is made from scrapbook paper with a little bobble on the end and cute ribbon to hang it up.
This version is from BHG and photo's have been added.

I am making mine from scrap book paper and making them smaller to fit on a shorter tree. They are fun!


Cate said...

Very cool. Like your new blog template too!



jen said...

This is amazing! love the whole thing the blog the music the background and the snow :) when I get a chance I'm gonna sit and enjoy your whole blog I'm already drooling over all the trees! JUst love it!

glor said...

Just love your blog! The Circle Ornaments are beautiful .. have to find a pattern. I have to put you on my blog!

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