Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Grand Children's Forrest!

This Tree's Hint - I buy objects that each child loves and after Christmas they go into my toy closet. It is a great way to get new toys and have fun at Christmas at the same time.
My friend Melody told me about doing a grandchildren's forrest and I loved the idea so much I did one too. Here is my version of our forrest which grows every year!
(We jut found out we have a grandchild due in July -I will be adding another tree next year!)


Each year I make a different topper which has our darling grandson's photo's on it.
This year I made star's. Here they are:

Wyatt age 4
Cody age 22 months - (Pix coming from Walgreen's tomorrow!) I wanted this space ready for it when I get it. This is how the ornie looks pre pix.
Gabe - 14 months
Teague - 4 months
Tate - 4 months


The theme I use for each of them is what they are interested in that particular year. Wyatt loves helicopter's and jets this year. Last year it was trains. I bought matchbox helicopters and made them into ornies. It also has his last few years photo ornaments on it and a couple of other treasures - a spider ornament we made, a candy train ornament we made last year. But it is mainly helicopters and jets.

Cody loves cars and trucks, all sizes and shapes. His tree this year is full of matchbox cars. At the end of Christmas they will be added to the matchbox car collection that he loves to play with. His ornament from last year is also on it. Gabe is 14 months and loves teddy bears. His tree is full of all kinds and sizes of small teddy bears.
Teague and Tate were born one week apart in August, so their tree's are exactly the same, filled with blue rattles and baby bottles.
Last Year Toppers
These are the toppers I made for last year. They are photo ornaments made on CD's. This year they made great ornaments. I also made balls with their handprints and snowmen made out of them. If you scroll down my blog you will see them.

This year I made a picture book. It is a paper bag book with all kinds of nooks and crany's. It is a grandchildren's christmas picture book. It begins with the year Wyatt was born with a picture of our family on one side and the grandchildren that year on the other. The year is on each page. There are also pockets that hold other christmas pictures for that year. I want our grandchildren to feel very loved and part of our family. Inside Page

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