Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eye Spy Tree

I Spy Tree
Made using all the stuff in my junk drawer.
Key Book
Try to find what is in here!
Cheerios in a spoon

We are doing it for one of our Super Saturday classes. I actually made this last year.My friend Storm featured this on her blog last year.
I bought a 24 inch styro cone and cleaned out my junk drawer, the bottom of toy boxes and shelves etc. Then I started gluing things on the cone with hot glue. It was quite fun!I started at the bottom and worked up, then I added things and layered some.I had a lamp turner oner that was from an old lamp of my mom's that I added to the top so I could hook the little book of what is on the tree to it. Then I sprayed it all red, made the key book and it was finished!A few ideas:Plastic spoon with cheerios in it, a sucker, keys, toys, jewelry, screws, toy pieces, toothbursh, mini anything, etc.


McDLT said...

What a great idea!!! This will definitely go in my ideas file. Thanks!

Storm said...

Still one of my favorite trees ever. Love it, as you already know. :) I want to make one... maybe next year.

Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too said...

Such a wild idea! I love it. I have become a follower of your blog. Poof on over to Wiccan Make Some Too when you get a chance & say Hi.

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