Monday, January 10, 2011

See you in Fall 2011!

It is always a little sad to close down my Christmas Blog for the year - I love Christmas and love it when it is Christmas Time.  I still have up our decorations - probably will leave them up during January.  We have long dark nights and the lights are so cheery and help to sooth the winter darkness. I wanted to share two things with you as I wish you a wonderful 2011.

I had a bunch of stockings left over from when the kids were little, from service projects, from gifts, and the stocking from when I was little.  I had exactly 24 of of them.  I made numbers and made a clothesline on our stairs to the basement and turned them into an countdown putting up one each day from Dec. 1-14.  I love them!

We have a little forgotten corner in our basement landing.  It is the end of a little hall that leads to a bathroom and the storage area's.  But it is a cute little corner.  I had a couple of Christmas things left and my goal this year was to use everything and what didn't get used was given to someone who could use it.   I had our five year old grandson with me when I went downstairs to get something.  He looked at the corner and said, "Oh Grandma Mimmi Sugar Ball Miss ( I don't know why he callse me all these names but I love it!) Everyplace is so Christmasy Cute!" All of the work and hassel of decorating our house for Christmas is  worth it.  He knows I love Christmas - he knows I love the reason for Christmas is the birth of a precious baby in a manger in Bethlehem that changed my life when I accepted Him as my Savior, he knows and he is five and it is all worth it.   Here is the corner.

Thanks for keeping me company this Christmas Season! 
Please stop by my Valentine's blog and other holiday blogs through the year. 
See you in about 10 months!

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See you next Fall!