Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mantle Living Room

This is the mantle in our living room. It is the first thing you see. I did it with quite a few less candles than last year, (see picture at top of blog.) We have stockings we hang when it is Christmas Eve. We live in Idaho and so we do build fires which aren't stocking friendly.

Close up picture
Hearth Jars
Filled with left over clear and silver ornaments, crocheted snowflakes, metallic shred, silver stars, pearls, silver ribbon, tulle and snow.


Bobbi Jo said...

Love the way the mantel turned out. Beautiful! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Barb said...

I just found you and could comment on every blog you've done thah i've seen so far.
Will just say, I love your mantle decor, and the glass bowls filled with "leftovers". Your whole house is decorated beautifully. It must be huge to have all those trees.

Barbara Jean

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