Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Entry Area & Bath

This is the entry area from the front door. You can either to into the Living Room or back into the dining area, or down the hall to other rooms

This is my grandchildren's forrets. This is new for me this year. We have had 2 grandchildren born since March. I found 3 - 3 foot tinsle tree's this summer that I am using for it. As we get more grandchildren I will have to find more tree's and a bigger space!Our oldest grandson's tree's is filled with his favorite things, trains, spiders, helicopters, etc.

Our next grandson is teddy bears because he loves to cuddle and he is 9 months old.

Our youngest grandson is 6 weeks so we have pictures of him.

I got a handprint of each of their hands (see October #2 post in archives) for their tree's and made a CD scrapbook picture ornie for the topper (see September Ornament Corner post.) It is a darling forrest!

An old pair of ice skates at the end of the banister.

Wreath on Bathroom Door
Matches the Santa Collection you can see from this point in the house. I had a bunch of odd's and end Santa's and so I decided to put them all together on a wreath, kind of like the I Spy tree that is right next to this door. (See post below)

If you look at the picture above you can see our bathroom - not sure when they built this house that they put a bathroom door so you can see in from the front door. Anyway it is cute on Christmas to see the fun stuff. The picture below is the bathroom decor you see when you first walk in the room.

Shelf above the towels filled with fun things our kids have made or given me - I love these things. Just below this is a green tinsel tree.

Bear Wreath our youngest daughters made several years ago. Everything in the bathroom is bears so it fits in there. I love these things my kids have made in years past.

This is the shelf above the potty. It is squishy in this spot so hard to get a good picture!

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