Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dated Ornament Arch

Ornament Arch
This pictures shows an arch with a bunch of ornies on it. I have ornaments dating back to before we were married. I used to keep them on a separate Christmas Tree. There were so many of them they were hard to find and I just didn't like it. We have an arch into our living room and I started hanging them on there. They start on the lower right edge, go up and around and down the left side. Now we have started putting them on the other side as well. The ornaments we have made as a family are on the year we made them, each year we had a baby, there is a pair of their shoes hanging, each move has a new mailbox and ornies from vacations and other things we have done. It is like a walk down memory lane when I put them up and it is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas.

Baby shoes and a mailbox because we moved into a new house. More baby shoes and other ornies You can see the 911 flag in this shot This is the year my parents and grandmother died - there are a few of their ornaments.

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