Friday, October 24, 2008

Beginning on Ancestor Photo's

One of the new tree's I am doing this year is an Ancestor Tree. I explained it in an earlier post. I started on the ornies for it. I am doing all the great grandparents and back right now. These are some of the pictures from my paternal grandmother's family. Several of these go back 6 generations! I am doing the tree in pale pastels. I put the pictures first on plain pastel cardstok and they didn't look very good at all! I then mounted them on a pastel print and then after adding the names, glittered them with white glitter and used a sheer white ribbon for the ornie hanger. They are working perfectly! I had several pictures of a family group, so I made a photo cube for them. The pictures don't do them justice I am sorry to say. Oh and pardon my studio - it is busy right now!

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