Monday, October 13, 2008

What Am I Dong This Week to Get Ready for Christmas?

Today I am starting on my heirloom ornies for my heirloom tree.
It will probably take me all week, I have Super Saturday on Saturday and projects that need to be fnished for that too.

So far this is what I have planned:
--Chipboard ornies
--Star shape for our children and family
--Hearts for our parents - big enough to add war medals and other things like that with a pix. I am adding a little bag to some made out of a see through scarf my mom had from hawaii that has holes in it but will work for this!
--Multi Hearts (kind of made up) for our siblings and their families, so a family group is all on one ornie.
--Squares for grandparents & back. -- When I was looking for pix I found a disc that my uncle sent me just before his death that I didn't know i had that had copies of pictures from 5 generations back. Made me cry when I met these people for the first time. I feel teary even thing about it now and being able to introduce them to my family.
--Put handkerchiefs over glass balls with ribbons that were grandmothers.
--I got my mom's jewelry ready to put in glass balls, Kind of an eye spy thing.
--Little trinkets and things that were my parents and grandparents that I am making into ornies.
--I found 2 pairs of shoes in whie and pink that were my mom's I am going to add ribbons too.
--I have some glass cups and other things also to add.

I am doing it all in shabby chick and pastel colors on a flocked white tree that roates. (My garage sale $15.00 find! WOO HOO!)
I am doing a tree skirt with vintage items, not sure how I am going to arrange it yet.

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ArielsMarmee said...

Would love to see a picture of ornies when you are finished! They sound interesting!

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