Friday, April 26, 2013

Chirstmas 2013 Has Begun!

Christmas Gifts for Our Exciting  Eleven Grandchildren

We have eleven adorable grandchildren.  Times even $10.00 each is $110.  I like to give them something meaningful for Christmas.  Last year I gave them AC books from Walgreens, there is a post about it,  but these books were ABC books featuring each of them.  I worked on them for several months - they all loved them.

A friend of mine just sent me a link for another idea that I think I am going to do.  type in pillowcases to see the project I am choosing. There are lots more things there that would be so great for Christmas gifts. 

This is the kind of a thing I can start in August and get it ready for them.  If you go to or type in coupon ink garden you can get some coupons for big savings.

Just wanted to share - I think prep for 2013 has alreay begun!  Add a book or something like that to this and it would be a great gift for all ages!

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