Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Party

Our family will be here for Thanksgiving this year so our Thanksgiving and Christmas Celebration with each other will be over Thanksgiving Weekend.

Here are some of the activities we are doing:

Dinner and Thanksgiving for Our Wonderful Blessings
We are gonig to do sky lanterns when it gets dark - with our blessings

The kids are all coming over to have a Belly Painting Party with me.  They are wearing their swimsuits.  I am coloring a bunch of vanilla pudding.  We are putting a tarp in the kitchen and going to have a painting party!  Play twister using the pudding and other color games. I am pretty excited.  After everyone gets cleaned up we are going to make a nativity ornament for them to hang on their trees at home and have a fun lunch.

In the evening we are having a girls night and a boys night.  The boys are playing their Risk War - they are so funny!   We will make a Chirstmas Decoration for each of our houses.   I am thinking we will do these snowmen - trying to keep our budget in tact and I have the supplies already for this adorable snowmen!

( Sorry I don't have a website to link this too - it was on pinterst without a link - so sorry I can't give credit)

Snow party with the kids - if we have snow we will go sledding.  If no snow - plan B at our house.  Some snow crafts and then a snowy lunch.

In the evening we are going to have An Ugly Sweater Party.  We will play games, have a photo booth and of course awards for everyone.

Church and a nice family dinner.  We are doing some family picutres all in Red that afternoon.
I will finish this post tomorrow - my husband just got home and I need to go and take care of him.

Christmas is coming!  YIPPEE!


J. Leonard said...

Sounds like a fun week :)

Lylia said...

Hi Paula,
I loved your blog! Nice things here.
I loved Christmas too.

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