Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome to my Christmas Blog. 
I looked at the Christmas Countdown and saw that we have 108 days until Christmas!  That means it is time to dust off  the Christmas Planning Calendar.

I have been so busy being a grandma that I haven't done a lot of anything else for a while, (we had 7 babies in 2 1/2 years).   I am getting caught up and ready to get my routine back and enjoy all these little people that surround me in my life!
So I am challenging you right now to take a few minutes and make a rough draft of what you want to do for Christmas.  What people you are buying or making gifts for, decor you want to do and activities you would like to add to your Holiday Celebration. 
(Don't overplan!!!!!!)
The gift I am making right now are ABC books for the seven oldest grandchildren.  I went to  and created books there.  I have tons of pictures and I found several for each letter of the alphabet for each child and made them there own ABC book featuring them! 
They are adorable. 
 I have them complete and everytime Walgreens has a 40% off coupon for books I order a couple.  I made 32 pages for each of them.  With the 40% off coupon with shipping each book is going to cost about $23.00.  You can do less pages of course.  If you do 20 pages your cost would be about $10.00 less. Also if you pick them up from the store (they have to be under 30 pages to do that) the shipping is free. (p.s. I don't get any kind of kick back from Walgreens!)
  I hope these are treasures they keep all of their lives.  They are literally a history of all the activities they did with me and my husband during the past year.
 Thanks for stopping by!  Thanks for being so patient with me for the last little while.
I hope to add a post several times a week through December.

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Im your newest follower! Yay for creative Christmas blogs!!!!

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