Friday, September 14, 2012

Adorable Santa

I saw a picture of this and wanted to make it for my niece who was getting married. 
APOLOGIES - I am getting ready to paint so their are a few brushes of paint on the sides of this picture - I MISS PICNIC to crop pictures!!!!!
Step One
 I dug out my Christmas Scraps and I have enough to make like10 of these if I wanted to do it.
 I cut out 24 squares and pieced them together like a mini quilt.                   
Step Two 
 Then I put a back on it - like a mini quilt and ironed it well.
 Step Three
Then I turned the corners down once
 Step Four
Turned the corners over again, ironed and stiched them.
 This is how it looks from the right side
Step Five
I used a dinner plate and traced a circle on a piece of fleece. 
Cut a cirlde of cardboard and then cut it in half.  (Saving the other half for another Santa)  Then I covered the cardboard and glued the fleece on.  Blushed up the cheeks with some red paint, added eyes, a wooden nose and glasses bent from a hanger.
Glued everything on.

I had made the day before yo-yo's with a perler bead in the middle, while watching a movie so they were ready to go.  I made 5 bigger yo yo's and 20 smaller ones.  A big yo yo is the bauble on the top of the hat.  Then there are 4 that go across for the brim and one in the middle of the beard at the chin.  The rest just fit in.
 Here is the finished Santa - sorry again about the paint!  I really need PICNIC!

 Thanks for stopping by! 


Anonymous said...

I have no Christmas fabric, or I would be making this over the weekend!!! It's adorable and I want one!! :)

Anonymous said...

I do not have any Christmas fabric scraps, or I would be making this over the weekend! It's adorable and I want one! :)

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