Friday, August 19, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Time To Start Your Lists!

Hello Everyone!
Christmas 2011  is in  about 18 weeks.  I have started making my lists and already checking them twice!
 My challenge to you the reader is to  start your basic lists for gifts, activities, and decorations.
 I have  18 people  in our family that I  need to do gifts for.  If I do  one per week - I can get it taken care of easily by Christmas.   I also want to  to stockings and we have matching pajama's.  Planning like this makes it easy and fun to do Christmas economically and stress free.
Thanks for stopping by - I will post some ideas in September. 
Have a great August! 


Pearl Maple said...

wow 18 weeks is not much time is it, we have a darling 3 year old in the family who is expecting big things of her creative granny and i need to get thinking and listing, thanks for the inspiration

House Elf said...

Looking forward to a wonderful holiday! Love new pj's at Christmas!

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