Sunday, August 1, 2010

Altered Book---->First Post 2010!

We are having a girl's night at our family reunion in a coup;le of weeks. We are starting on an altered book for Christmas. The theme we are using is Christmas traditions
These are the steps we have followed so far.
1 - Pick a theme
2 - Choose an appropriate book to re-purpose
3 - Decide on pages you want to do
4 - Find thoughts, stories to go on specific pages
5 - Divide your book into the amount of pages you want to do and paper clip them
6 - Map each page with post a notes
7 - Decide on layout themes for each page
8 - Gather supplies and put in accordian folder, zip loc's etc for each page.
9 - Start gluing, ripping, punching, painting, sewing etc each page.

Page paper clipped and ready to go:

This shows the beginning of the mapping out of pages - use post a notes.
Next step is to glue pages - use Elmer's glue. Pour out on page, then use a brush to smooth it out. I will show when we start decorating.

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